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Natural Stone speaks of quality and of permanence unlike any other material. Whatever you are looking for in hand carved stone, De Santana can do something unique for your living and working spaces.

Our specialty is working in natural stone because we believe that nothing compares to the real thing. And hand carved stone is not just about the material, for it is the work of the artisan which turns a piece of rock into architectural stonework; something which is one-of-a kind, transforming the structure it adorns, while adding value to it. Natural stone is a proven good investment.

De Santana will take beautiful natural limestone and fashion it for you into columns, stone entryways and stone fireplaces. Hand carved stone can be used to take architectural stone designs to produce stone window surrounds, door surrounds, stone archways, stone balustrades, stone fountains and stone mantels, amongst countless other possibilities. Hand carved limestone is in a class by itself and is the perfect material for residential carved stone of all kinds. Using our customers' input we produce original designs in stone as the first step towards creating everything from stone fireplaces to...well, the sky's the limit: Anything that can be imagined in natural stone, and in particular, limestone.

Words cannot quite describe the special warmth that is evident as you walk up to a fine home and on the face you see not an artificial imitation made in a mold, but natural stone; hand carved stone. When it is hand carved stone, columns and stone entryways have a special ambiance, they make a unique statement. Still viewing the front of the home you may notice the subtle but unmistakable colors and textures on the surface of the stone cladding and stone window surrounds. Perhaps there are stone balustrades and a stone fountain. De Santana works with many kinds of limestone, and of course all are natural stone right out of the ground.

Stepping through the stone entryway, with magnificent columns on either side, the quality of the carving is unmistakable. Remember, this is not the factory-produced cement product that comes out of a mold (cast stone as it's called). This is natural stone, the real thing: If you look carefully, you may see the chisel marks that authenticate the work as the product of the ancient craft of hand carved stone. How can the look and finish of this limestone be best described? Distinguished? Yes; classy? No question? A little rustic? Definitely! It is just this charming quality of the rustic, seen in the gentle nooks and crannies of the stone that authenticates it as being wonderfully real - refreshingly uncontrived, if you like.

Moving through the stone entryway and into the house there are so many possibilities of what can be done with natural stone. Hand carved limestone has historically been used to create some of the most gorgeous stone fireplaces, stone archways and of course, columns. But it doesn't stop there: De Santana Stone Company has years of experience creating architectural stone designs for numerous features inside, and outside the house, including many garden and patio features. These designs in stone arise out of quality time spent with our customers, as we form a mutual understanding built around the special vision and taste that our customers bring to us. Our designers bring the experience and sensitivity to the process which is so essential to working with our natural stone product, helping to integrate the limestone itself with the artistry of the design and the craftsmanship of the carver.
Custom Hand Carved Stone.

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